Mr. Subhash Harjai, Chairman

Mr. Subhash Harjai has driven Harjai Group since 1995 and has executed a pivotal role in defining the company’s strategy and continuously formulating reforms to persevere its authority in the industry. He has a keen interest in promoting teams and has invested notable time in producing leaders in the Harjai Group over the years directing the company to the status that it enjoys today.

Mr. Subhash Harjai is an alumnus of Benares Hindu University and studied Electrical Engineering. Shortly after graduation he commenced his vocation in DCM Ltd. in Kota, Rajasthan and advanced to NOCIL in Mumbai. Mr. Subhash Harjai has since secured senior management positions through his tenure. However, he took Voluntary Retirement ahead of time, when invited by Mr. Sanjay Harjai to don the capacity of Chairman of the Harjai Group.

Mr. Sanjay Harjai, Managing Director

Sanjay Harjai is an alumnus of the prestigious VJTI, Mumbai and has a comprehensive information technology expertise of more than 20 years. He worked for multinational software companies in the United States and upon his return to India in 1995 he has been successfully managing Harjai Computers Pvt. Ltd. and Harjai Software Consultants.

Sanjay’s enthusiasm for technology and his primary endeavors enabled him to recognize his true expertise and strength, working with the clients rather than coding. In the progression of his profession, he has visited thousands of clients globally obtaining an unprecedented acumen into their needs and business processes. Sanjay has personally observed the progression of the IT industry in countless countries and acknowledges the influence that technology has on people and businesses alike.

Mrs. Arty Harjai, HR Director

Mrs. Arty Harjai serves as the company’s Human Resource Director. She led the company’s conversion into a technology-driven force and her augmentation has been one of the principal reason for the company’s success. She heads the human resource department and executes various significant responsibilities.

Mrs. Arty Harjai has served with the counseling department of Springdales School, New Delhi as well as Sunnyvale’s School, California. She possesses many years of experience working with children as well as adults in the counseling field. She is also the Director of Harjai Global Gurukul (HGG) where she gives supervision for students considering studying overseas and encourages them to learn the different parameters required in foreign university selection procedures.

Mrs. Seema Harjai, Executive Director

Mrs. Seema Harjai is the first entrepreneur in the Harjai family. She incorporated Seema Institute in 1978 in the days when female entrepreneurs were rarely found. She sustained and developed Seema Institute to become a brand name in the entire Western Suburbs of Mumbai.

She joined Harjai Computers as an Executive Director in 1996 and has been contributing insight and leadership to direct the organization from its founding period, placing substantial grounds on which we can see the organization expand from strength to strength.